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A quick tutorial on how to make a quite simple bundle and how to add songs to it!

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This guide works on Unity Party BETA Public 1 and not on ALPHA!

You've just started using Unity Party, but your bundle list is empty, and you wish to add songs to it?
Allow me to show you how to make your bundles quickly!

You can download a small bundle template to get started, it should have all the basic files needed!
Download the bundle template here or from the Gamejolt page.

Let's put the bundle in %user%/AppData/LocalLow/Rei/FridayNight/Bundles to get it in the game!

It should look something like this!
Replace %user% with your username, or just type %AppData% in the folder search bar to directly go to AppData/Roaming, then all you got to do is go back one step to find LocalLow.

folder bundle

If you've done everything right so far, the Bundle Template should appear in-game like this!
If not, go back to the beginning:

fridaynight 19 04 2022 08 30 16
You can now click on the small image 2022 04 19 090201424 icon to open the bundle folder anytime! Awesome! You got the bundle set up!

What's next? Modify that bundle to fit what you want to do of course!
Let's see the bundle-meta.json, the most straight forward meta file here! A bundle needs one to be detected as Bundle, same goes for the songs, each song has their own meta files to be detected as songs.

I suggest a program like Notepad++ to open the meta files! Though a normal text editor should do the trick fine.
By default, the bundle-meta.json will have this:

  "bundleName": "<color=#ffff00>Template",
  "authorName": "UniBrine"

You can apply formats to any text in the metas, for example, if you want to have "Template" in color here, you do

<color=#HEX CODE HERE>Template</color>

</color> being used to tell that the color format has ended.
Also remember to make sure that the text is always within quotation marks "", do not modify anything else in bundle-meta.json.
You can apply colors, but you can also use <i></i> for ITALIC, and <b></b> for BOLD.
You can also have multiple format tags at once! I'll name my bundle "Unity Party Beginner".

First I'll rename the folder to Unity Party Beginner as well, to make it more organized.
image 2022 04 20 022604962

Let's pick a color for the title of the bundle to be as, an effortless way to get a color is through this website Htmlcolorcodes.com.
Let's also make it bold!

  "bundleName": "<color=#00C9FF><b>Unity</color> <color=#FF00CD>Party </color>Beginner</b>",
  "authorName": "UniBrine"

"Unity" will be in #00C9FF (blue) while "Party" is in #FF00CD (pink), then I use </color> to say that the color ends here, if you don't put it after "Unity" too, then when using it after "Party" will cause the "Unity" color to come back, as it was not considered finished and could have this happen:
image 2022 04 20 023226211

However, if done right, should look like this!
image 2022 04 20 023351065

All of this said before about the bundle tittle is allowed on any modifiable text on Unity Party, this also includes the authors and description of any bundles and their songs.

There can be as many songs as you want inside of a bundle!
The way they are organized is by their folder name, if you put numbers in front of the name of your songs, they won't show up in-game, but they will show in the order you've established!
image 2022 04 20 023821876
Otherwise, without a number, they will just be organized in alphabetical order.

You can delete "songone" if you do not want it, for this guide we'll be focusing on the "template".
Inside the song folder are these files:

image 2022 04 20 024225509

Before going directly into the meta.json, I suggest you already put in your "Voices.ogg" and "Inst.ogg" files for the song.
Currently, they must be named exactly "Inst" and "Voices", though it should also support mp3 files.

A "Cover.png" is optional, but a song looks better with a cover doesn't it! If you want to add your own Cover art just rename your png as "Cover.png" and put it in the folder, each song has a different cover art file. It doesn't have to be resolution precise if it's in a 1:1 (square) ratio.

You can add as many difficulties as you want! All with their own names.
For example, if you want difficulties for "Easy", "Normal", "Hard", "Nightmare", you'd need those files inside the folder:

Unity Party currently does not come with a chart editor, so you will need to rely on another program for charting. We recommend using Psych Engine or ArrowVortex; documentation on both these editors can be easily found.
If you own FL Studio, SiIva Note Importer For FNF is also a good option.

Once you got those out of the way, let's move to meta.json!
Remember, all editable text under quotation marks ("") can have the format system previously mentionned, and the description of the template song should explain it well.
Here is what should be in meta.json when you open it:

  "Song Name": "Template Title",
  "Song Credits": {
    "Composer": "Template Author",
    "Charter": "Template Charter"
  "Song Difficulties": {
    "Template Difficulty": {
      "r": 0,
      "g": 0,
      "b": 0,
      "a": 1
  "Song Description": "Every modifiable texts here supports <color=#ffff00>RGB </color><color=red>Colors </color><color=#ffffff><b>Bold</b> <i>Italic</i> and everything <color=#66ffff><i><b>In-between</color></i><b> So don't be shy to try out!"

Let's add more difficulties, for that we just have to remove "Template Difficulty" and add all of ours:


Make sure the final listed difficulty has"}}," at the end.

You can modify the R G B A values anytime, from the same website mentioned previously Htmlcolorcodes.com, and you can find the R G B values here
image 2022 04 20 030035562

The same format of infinite difficulties also applies to Credits! For example, to add more people:

"Composer":"Composer Name",
"Charter":"Charter Name",
"Artist":"Artist Name"
"Animator":"Animator Name"
"Whatever you want":"Whatever Lol"},

Make sure the last credit ends with "),"
As mentioned, over and over, the color format can still be applied here!

After all of this, save your meta.json, and you should be ready to go! You have already modified your song name and description!

Congratulations, you have made your first template! A simple one, but you're off to a good start!
If you need help don't hesitate to contact the devs on our discord: Discord.gg


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